Acoustics and Noise Control Solutions


Unwanted Sound

Noise impacts the quality of our lives. High noise levels can cause hearing damage, and evironmental noise can have negative health effects. Noise can range from an annoyance to a life changing impact.


Noise Reduction

Controlling noise improves the quality of life. Reducing noise can prevent hearing loss. Limiting environmental noise can improve home life and reduce health effects. Noise/sound level is a defining attribute for many products.


Engineering a Quieter World

Controlling noise requires the application of engineering principles. Engineering controls may involve changes to the sound source, absorption or barriers along the sound path, or as a last resort, ear protection.

Welcome to the Insitute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA

INCE-USA is a non-profit professional organization whose primary purpose is to promote, through its members, noise control solutions to the environmental, product, machineny, industrial and other noise problems. INCE-USA is a Member Society of the International Insitute of Noise Control Engineering, an international consortium or organization with interests in acoustins and noise control.

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If You have a noise concern, INCE-USA can help.

INCE-USA has hundreds of qualified noise experts throughout the country and even internationally. We recommend you find an expert local to you that is familiar with the noise ordinances and concerns in your community.

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